network system configuration

Enhance your productivity with Network Administration and Information Technology (IT) services available from Benaken Technology, Inc. (BTI). BTI is a Microsoft Certified Partner and delivers a staff of professionals certified in Microsoft systems administration. Benaken’ IT specialists have gained extensive expertise in the design, implementation, and support of Local Area Networks (LAN) and Wide Area Networks (WAN) in multiple conditions, from unique manufacturing environments to typical office and administrative settings.


  •  Network documentation
  •  LAN/WAN modeling, design and implementation
  •  Network troubleshooting and remediation
  •  Backup / Disaster recovery and planning
  •  Security Intrusion detection and content filtering
  •  Server lockdown, access control, antivirus
  •  Server consolidation, selection and configuration
  •  RAID design, configuration, and implementation
  •  MS Windows implementation and integration
  •  Virtual Private Network (VPN) implementation
  •  Firewalls/Proxy Servers
  •  Internet content/spam filtering
  •  Remote-access configuration and support
  •  Wireless connectivity
  •  Software installation
  •  Help Desk support
  •  Third-party facilitation and software support
  •  IT / Software training

Benefits of Service:

Enjoy network dependability without the expense of additional staffing. BTI’s trained and experienced professionals will manage all facets of your network administration needs. Through remote monitoring, problems are detected early and corrective action can be taken, reducing the risk of costly network problems and downtime.

BTI’s staff undergoes extensive continuing education and training to provide you with leading-edge technology and solutions. You can rely on certified IT professionals for all your network administration and IT service needs, allowing you to concentrate on business success.

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