network system security

Whether due to inconsistent security policies, undetected malware or unknown viruses, an attack can bring down your network and raise compliance issues. With productivity and your reputation at stake, protection must span your entire infrastructure – from desktop to data center to the network edge.
Benaken Secure Network Service integrates three security solutions into one multi-layered security service, designed to manage threats across the enterprise before they reach your network.

Help Protect Your Network

Viruses, worms, Trojans, hackers. Attacks on your network can happen anytime and come from anywhere, without warning. Any one of them could compromise vital company data or cripple important business systems or applications. But guarding against threats and monitoring network security can be time consuming - time that might be better spent on other business-critical projects.

Take a proactive approach to network security and compliance

What is network security? Network security services from Benaken provide the first line of defense for your network from external and internal attacks. Our portfolio of services help you take a proactive, comprehensive approach to network security, security compliance and business continuity by:

  • Assessing vulnerabilities
  • Keeping your data and infrastructure highly secure
  • Detecting attacks and responding to suspicious activities
  • Enforcing corporate security policies
  • Supporting security compliance with federal and industry regulations
Help guard your infrastructure with managed security services

Any attack can bring down your network, create security compliance issues, damage your bottom line - and possibly, your reputation. To avoid a harmful breach, you must guard every part of your infrastructure, from desktop computers to servers.

The BTI portfolio of network security services covers all aspects of your network with offerings that:

  • Help protect e-mail from viruses, worms, spam and more
  • Manage Internet access with firewalls and help block Web-borne malware from the corporate network
  • Monitor the network and alert IT staff to possible attacks
  • Provide detailed security-event eporting information and analysis
Establish and enforce security policies

Developing and managing a proactive network-security plan requires time, staff and expertise - resources that may be in short supply. Security consulting services from BTI can help you establish policies, processes and procedures for governing, managing and sustaining your information infrastructure. As a result, you can meet security compliance requirements and confidently open new information exchanges to expand business, increase productivity and decrease time to market.

Monitor and manage network status with IT security

Once policies and plans are in place, BTI tools let you monitor your network status with detailed reports and real-time alerts. The BTI Security Operations Center can help manage your security services for you, providing 24x7 monitoring and response to threats.

Get back to business quickly with network security

If your network is attacked, you need to get up and running again as soon as possible. Network security services from BTI can help you recover from events and protect your critical data and applications quickly, letting you get on with business. Our security and business continuity solutions can also strengthen your defenses to help block and repel future assaults on your infrastructure.


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