network system setup

We’re offering you a FREE check-up so you have no excuse for not making sure that your computer network is safe, not only from spyware and viruses, but also hackers, spam, data loss, hardware failure, software corruption, and a number of other disasters.

During your free network check-up we will..

  • Make sure your firewall is protecting you from the latest hacker attacks, worms, and viruses.
  • Scan for & remove malware/spyware that is secretly hogging your company’s bandwidth, reducing your computer network speed, and stealing confidential information about you, your employees, and your business.
  • Check your network’s back-up system to ensure it is working properly and accurately backing up all of the critical files and information you never want to lose.
  • Ensure that you have the most up-to-date security patches installed properly.
  • Diagnose slow, unstable PCs.

There are numerous system checks and updates that should be done on a regular basis to ensure maximum speed, performance, and security. Ignore them and your system will get progressively slower, unstable, and susceptible to viruses, spyware, and hackers.

Think about this for a moment…

What else in your business is more valuable than the data on your network?

Just imagine how devastating it would be to lose it! That’s why this check-up is so important. We’ll conduct a comprehensive review of your network’s security settings to make sure your data is safe and secure.

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